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Only Work, No Play - Cora Reilly

Title: Only Work, No Play (Tough Games Book 1)
Author: Cora Reilly
File Size: 4201 KB
Print Length: 366 pages
Publication Date: February 12, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English


After two years of taking care of her heartbroken father, Evie needs a new start. Leaving the States and following her sister to Australia to work as the personal assistant of rugby star Xavier – The Beast – Stevens seems like the right kind of distraction.
Tall, muscled and devilishly handsome, Xavier is the lov’ em and leav’ em kind of guy. He never forgets a girl’s name because he never bothers to remember it in the first place.
Evie soon realizes that being Xavier’s assistant is a 24/7 job; the man seems unwilling to even set an alarm for himself.
As she watches him move from one woman to the next, Evie is glad that her heart is safe from his attention. After all, she’s a far cry from the size zero models he usually takes to his bed.
But soon being around Xavier doesn’t feel like a job, and seeing him walk around his apartment half naked all the time isn’t helping either. Evie knows that giving in to her attraction will lead to heartbreak, but when Xavier starts treating her as more than just his assistant, resisting his charms seems like an impossible task.


I was given an ARC in exchange of honest review.

I really enjoy this book. 
Xavier was a womanizer, one who doesn’t hide it, in fact he goes around and let the world see every one of he’s adventures, that’s until Evie come to the picture.

Evie was nothing like any other girl he’s been with, and maybe that’s why she gets under his barrels.
Xavier it’s not what Evie read or see on all of the tabloids. Soon she discovers that’s just a facade to guard he’s private life and family. And when Evie discover that side of him, things already hitting direct to a disaster, or maybe not.

Evie it’s very insecure about her body and it takes her by surprise when Xavier makes a move on her, she doesn’t want to be one more of he’s long list of one night thing, and still she falls for him.
And Xavier, what can I said about Xavier? Just that those who goes around doing it with every girl just because they can, well those are the ones that falls really hard when they crash with girls like Evie.

As much as I like this book I have to said that I need more. Perhaps an epilogue, i feel like this needs a long epilogue or a second book. The ending feels a little rush and left things open or with much more to explore (at least for me).

It was a very good start for a new series and I can’t wait for the next book, hopefully a second one of this two ;)



You can buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MWGZP7M?pf_rd_p=c2945051-950f-485c-b4df-15aac5223b10&pf_rd_r=4VFHRTY01HVHFJY9TD84